Kung Fu for Children 6-12 years old

Kung Fu for Children 6-12.

Wah Lum’s fundamental curriculum teaches children the foundation of all movement: focus, groundedness, balance and power. These capabilities give youngsters the physical self confidence that fosters their self-esteem and the resulting ability to successfully tackle new challenges. In addition, Kung fu is a great way to cross train young athletes as the improved strength, flexibility, balance, and stamina will accelerate success in other sports.

Youngsters learn kung fu basics through playful repetition, drills, games and other noncompetitive activities. Movements derived from nature will stimulate their imagination while they are exposed the cultural aspects of this Chinese art.

We partner with parents help youngsters to develop both within and outside of our training hall. Our emphasis on clear boundaries, awareness, and resilient will power is universally impactful.  Respect is taught as the gateway to greater adventures as students move safely through the curriculum.  Children benefit from mature professional instruction with thoughtful attention to their needs.

“Kung Fu is a fun place to work and meet new people” — ML