Wah Lum Kung Fu Demonstrations.

Wah Lum Kung Fu is not only an effective martial system but also a very dynamic and engaging art. We enjoy sharing our art with local schools, businesses, scouting, etc. In addition, our school hosts a number of colorful events and exhibitions throughout the year. In particular, the celebration of Chinese New Year with its traditional “Lion Dance” is an exciting and meaningful display of authentic tradition mixed with adrenaline pumping action and drumming. Exhibitions are also great way to illustrate and impress traditional values such as respect, hard work, and teamwork.

Examples of programs and exhibitions we have offered include New Year Lion Dances and exhibitions onsite at businesses, Tai chi seminars for retreats or meditation groups, Black Light Kung Fu©, and action oriented seminars on respect and other martial values for scouting & school groups.

Please call us to discuss your interests and ideas. We’d be happy to customize a program for your organization.

“I’ve seen many martial arts over the years but I’ve never seen anything like this demonstration. Wow!” — Spectator